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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 21, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. an incredible night of twisters caught on tape. this one ripping a freight train right off the track. this one caught up close on the highway. >> going right at us, guys! >> and terrified baseball fans run from a stadium right in a tornado's path. senator john mccain ignites a firestorm of controversy suggesting that illegal immigrants may be to blame for western wildfires and sets the record straight right here live in morning. laying down the law. an abrupt halt to the murder trial of casey anthony. why the judge said enough was enough and tossed both sides out of the courtroom. will this stop casey anthony from testifying? bad sports. this baseball mom arrested for
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threatening her son's coach and principal. this morning calling foul on the parents acting so much worse than their children. june 21st, welcome to summer. longest day of the year today. my bedtime, 8:30. >> actually that will help you out. a lot of news coming in. a dramatic plane crash, this russian passenger jet turning into a massive fireball after getting caught in dense knock. there were americans on board, but get this, there were eight survivor, eight people were able to survive this. we're just getting the details now. also this morning the controversy surrounding bristol palin's new tell-all memoir dancing everything from "dancing with the stars" to her ex-levi johnston and tense relationship
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with the mccain family. we'll ask senator john mccain about that and president obama's big announcement on troop withdrawals. those incredible twisters. chris bury has the latest. chris? >> reporter: good morning, george. you can see the power of those storms. a huge tree uprooted barely missing this house. the winds here last night, hurricane force, more than 70 miles an hour leaving a trail of destruction. >> going right at u. guys. >> reporter: overnight they stormed across the plains. >> wow, listen to it. >> reporter: a swath of over 40 reported tornadoes. >> 200. >> reporter: staggering in their size. sweeping across the midwest. >> oh, my god. that thing is incredible. >> reporter: just outside of omaha, nebraska, watch the force of this massive wedge tornado, that silver line at the bottom
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of the screen is a freight train. look closely as the twister sweeps across the track derailing 13 cars. >> there go the train cars. >> reporter: thankfully no one was hurt. on the highways drivers coped with golf ball-sized hail. as sirens roared for miles. >> and that's a tornado warning. >> reporter: in omaha terrified baseball fans scurried out of the ncaa college world series as ominous clouds and heavy rain surrounded the stadium. >> first time, i've been coming here 30 years that i've seen something that's other than a warning occur. >> reporter: and across kansas remnants of the storm. tractor trailers flipped. rooftops ripped and residents left reeling. >> i no sooner got to the basement and we could feel it in our ears. >> reporter: at least there was plenty of warning. in omaha last night we heard those sirens going off
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repeatedly, one reason perhaps we haven't heard of any more serious injuries. robin? >> good thing for that advanced warning. thank you. we have a remarkable story of survival out of russia. a passenger jet dropped out of the sky crashing onto a highway. 44 people were killed. but 8 people lived through it and josh elliott is here with more on this. >> it is incredible. when you see the pictures that eight people survived this crash. you're not going to believe it including a mother and her two children. take a look. the fireball visible for miles. rescue crews say that the landing gear jutting from the ground was the only recognizable part of a plane that remained. just moments from landing, this aging airplane like this one was headed from moscow to a city near russia's border with finland. it flew into dense fog, fog so bad that the plane clipped a power line. it then knocked out the runway's lights and the pilot was flying blind. ordered to abort the landing but
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sadly it came too late. the plane slammed into a highway just yards from a village. only half a mile from the run wh whatway. shockingly no one on the ground was hurt. even more remarkable among those eight survivor, a mother, 8-year-old son, 14-month-old daughter. the same one that actually was carrying poland's president a year ago when when it crashed in fog. that killed 95 others including the president. this had been reliable and they are blaming at this hour human error. >> it was human error and weather -- there was a report about international planes being a little bit different. >> international airlines, the faa says that some 20% of international airlines don't meet their standards for safety and, again, we don't know exactly other than what happened but as news comes available this morning, but right now again flying into heavy fog, the pilot apparently had no time to abort that lafrndzing. >> conditions so similar to what brought down the polish plane.
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now to washington where president obama will announce tomorrow how many troops he is pulling out of afghanistan and how fast they're coming home. let's bring in martha raddatz for more. the white house says that the president hasn't made a final decision yet but the military advisers want a smaller pullout and another camp including the vice president and his political team urging a steeper, faster withdrawal. >> reporter: very familiar sounding, george, as you know. this, of course, is all about the surge troops. 30,000 troops they're look at and how fast they withdraw them. the military is given a range of option, how many, how fast, the pentagon is backing a plan for just 5,000 troops being removed this year. there's other plans to remove 30,000, all 30,000 within a year, others want 15,000 by the end of the year, 15,000 by the end of next year, but i believe you'll see all 30,000 out by the end of 2012, george, and that will leave still about 70,000
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troops in afghanistan. >> right, and the president would give the military commanders flexibility perhaps in what to do next year, but trying to set a goal for this year, do you expect him to go beyond the 5,000 troop withdrawal that the pentagon is calling for this year? >> reporter: the people i talked to do believe the president will call for more, perhaps as many as 10,000 by the end of this year and let the commanders find out next year how many more they can bring out. >> okay, martha raddatz, thanks very much. now, george, to the controversy over arizona senator john mccain and his charges some of the wildfires devastating his state may have been set by illegal immigrants. clayton san dale is there where he's checking into the facts behind those comments. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning, firefighters have been working overnight here in arizona and setting backfires hoping to protect several communities east of here. it's all happening at the same time senator mccain is putting out a political fire.
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it is a season of fires stretching across the southwest. in new mexico, flames are creeping towards santa fe. another fire has the town of luna evacuated. in texas, thousands of people are also on the run. >> get your baby, get your dogs, get what you teed to get out. >> reporter: abc's ryan owens is there. >> texas is in the middle of its worst drought in more than 50 years and 20 fires are burning in this state alone. >> reporter: in arizona good news as calmer winds have helped crews trying to contain the monument fire near sierra vista. at least some of the 10,000 evacuees allowed to go home. >> you wake up and you think everything is good and then there's another calamity. >> reporter: now a political calamity has flared after senator john mccain ablamed at least some of them on illegal immigrants. >> there is substantial evidence that some of these fires are caused by people who have crossed our border illegally.
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they have set fires because they want to signal others. they have set fires to keep warm. >> reporter: immigrant rights activists pounced. >> the sad thing is that the intention was pretty clear and it was to demonize immigrants and to demonize latinos. >> reporter: the u.s. forest service says they have no evidence illegal immigrants are to blame for the fires burning in arizona. but at least one local sheriff thinks mccain is right. >> it wasn't the rabbits and rattlesnakes that started that fire. >> reporter: here they'll have another day of calmer winds and it'll be a critical day to knock it down and only then will the rest of the evacuees will be allowed to go home. >> okay, clayton, thanks. let's bring in senator john mccain. i know that you said you weren't referring specifically to the fire in eastern arizona, but how do you respond to the critics we saw in clayton's piece who say bringing illegal immigrants into
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the discussion in any way is inflaming that debate especially when there is no evidence that they are to blame for this fire? >> well, because in the question and answer period after our press conference, the issue was raised. look, this is the toughest year that is in arizona's history as far as fires are concerned. we're proud of the brave firefighters and other men and women involved in rescuing lives and property. but the fact is that as far back as 2006, the forest service testified before congress and i quote "large numbers of warming and cooking fires built and abandoned by cross border violators have caused wildfires that have destroyed valuable, natural and cultural resources" and go on to say that "armed smugglers have walked through the middle of active firefight ing services" and they must send armed officers to clear fires or
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provide security for firefighters. congressman flake and i were briefed right before that press conference by the forest service official that this same situation exists, so, frankly, i'm not sure what all this controversy is b a group of us senators asked for a gao study on the same issue, and you just saw sheriff larry dever, who will tell you that the monument fire was started when the park -- when the forest was closed so anyone who was in there is illegal so i'm not sure what all the controversy is about to tell you the truth. >> let me turn now to the president's big announcement coming tomorrow on afghanistan. some reports including one in the "los angeles times" that the president could announce a withdrawal of up to 10,000 troops by the end of this year, full withdrawal of the surge troops by the end of next year. can you sign on to a timetable like that? >> i think it depends which troops we're talking about. i would be very reluctant to
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reduce the surge troops, capability support troops, i think it's possible -- i agree with secretary gates who has strongly stated that a modest withdrawal is important. this should never have been set to start with. it was started with no recommendation from any of our military leaders, but i hope that it's modest and i believe that one more fighting season and we can get this thing pretty well wrapped up. >> it seems to remind me -- >> this reminds me of the summer of 2007 when the same people, the vice president and senator biden and then senator obama wanted to pull the surge troops out and we would have lost the conflict then. >> it seems you may have a debate with many in your own party on this. governor jon huntsman announcing his run for president today has said that we're wasting our money and wasting our strategic resources in afghanistan, adding that it's not in america's interest to stay and play traffic cop there. is it fair to assume a candidate
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with those views cannot get your support? >> well, i hope that all of these candidates as the campaign goes on understands what our national security requirements are, that we are america's -- we are the world's leader. america has to lead as we are not leading in libya which is one reason why that conflict, the third rate military has not been concluded. so i hope that they will learn and listen to people like general david petraeus and others who has not only the highest respect and admiration but a record of success. >> thanks for your time this morning. >> thanks for having me on. >> josh? >> all right, george, robin, good morning, again, to all of you. we'll begin with a crisis averted at a kentucky coal mine. three workers trapped after part of their mine collapsed have now been rescued. after spending 14 hours underground, rescue teams pumped 3,000 gallons of water per hour to free the men and all are okay
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this morning. meanwhile, the supreme court's decision to reject a class action sexual discrimination lawsuit against walmart has many well-known companies rethinking their legal strategies this morning. costco, cigna, goldman sachs, toshiba, just some of them facing similar complaints but the court's ruling, a big win for corporate america. it found the 1 million women who wanted to sue walmart had too little in common to form a single case. meanwhile, the fda revealed graphic new warning labels that will adorn packs of cigarettes including images of a baby in intensive care with the words smoking can harm your baby and a picture of a man with stitches running up his chest with the words "smoking can kill you." all warnings will take up roughly half the packaging and the contain 1-800-quit-now. first lady michelle obama visiting south africa's capital
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along with her mother and daughters, malia and sasha. mrs. obama will be visiting nelson mandela's wife on the trip and the apartheid museum. the fbi is doing something different, jiems whitey bulger tops the most wanted list famously depicted by jack nicholson in "the departed." they have a public service announcement across -- it's his girlfriend, catherine grieg known to frequent hair salons and known to love dogs. they have put together this psa hoping that someone will recognize her and that she'll lead them to bulger. the fbi actually -- they bought up ad space right out there in times square hoping to spread the word. >> a $2 million reward. >> since 1995. >> you come down here, you can watch the show and maybe make a
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couple bucks besides. >> $2 million reward. show the picture again. >> any "gma" viewers, you have to share the reward. >> don't you think that's fair. >> split five ways. by the way that happy feeling u if it hasn't gotten you yet by 1:00 when the direct rays of the sun get to the tropic of cancer. just before summer started and during summer today, snowfall, that's right, denver, boulder area, latest ever since we've been keeping records since the '40s, 2 to 4 inches. here's where they'll pop today, that storm center right in the middle of the country is still there. so same zone, dallas to cincinnati to chicagoland today looking for those strong storms to pop up. can we just say that yesterday 77 in l.a., the warmest numbers since mid-may? you'll get another opportunity at those warm temperatures and everybody west is happy about that.
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here's our tuesday trivia all brought to you by at&t.
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this just puts me in my happy space. hi to put that right back. more weather in the next half hour. >> happy summer, sam. some good news for drivers ahead of all that summer road trips we'll have planned. gas prices keep dropping. the average now 3.65 a gallon. that's 6 cents lower than last week and that's down from a high of 3.97 a gallon in early may. as gas prices fall, will the price of other consumer goods follow? elisabeth leamy is here. has the answers for us. eli? >> reporter: hey, robin. yeah, you know, we often do stories about how other things get more expensive as gas gets more expensive. but now gas prices are falling. 3.63 at this station and we wanted to know, is there a corresponding discount on those essential items when gas prices drop? when a 737 like this takes off for a trip from chicago to new york, the fuel for the flight
7:19 am
costs about $22,000. so when fuel prices come down to earth, do the airlines share some of that savings with you? >> no, airline fares are not going down with the price of fuel. >> reporter: rick seeny says a ticket that costs $250 in january now costs $320 and since people are buying them airlines aren't discounting them. >> it's like my kids that sell lemonade in the cul-de-sac selling twice normally than in the fall. when demand is high you'll sell it for a higher bright. >> reporter: from las vegas to chicago to washington authorized fuel surcharges for taxicabs when gas approached $4 a gallon. in the nation's capital, they'll keep charging $1 extra per ride till july 26th. do they still have the furcharge. >> yes. >> reporter: does it follow. when it was $8 a barrel ground beef cost $3 a pound and coffee
7:20 am
was 4.42 but in april when oil gushed to $112 a barrel ground beef sizzled to $3.25 and coffee heated up to $5.10 a pound. >> in any given cycle it seems prices go up faster than they come down. and to some degree it's because that's the nature of the economy. and the new normal is usually higher than the old normal. >> reporter: there is some relief ahead, though. airfares are expected to drop 5% to 10% in september when the summer rush is over and, get this, wholesale food prices just went down 1.5%, biggest drop in a year, and those prices should show up at a retail store near you. > good news on the food. september? >> you want to fly during the sum ir. coming up out of order. why the judge suddenly halted the murder trial of casey anthony. will this stop her from taking the stand? time-out for a misbehaving mom. so upset her son didn't make the
7:21 am
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. 7:26. we are looking at maryland's most powerful doppler radar we have been watching this cluster develop. gettysburgh burg getting it this is diving towards the
7:27 am
southeast westminster and it is beginning to move in talky -- tanytown -- tawnytown and an extension along 140. reisterstown and owings mills getting damp but this is the cluster that appears will be building into the area and will be making for a wet commute reaching the baltimore beltway. so, the general track on this system carried it through and after getting through, the morning commute we get a break and a warm humid afternoon with scattered storms for a high of 88. next couple hours, though, we will get wet. here tonya with the traffic. >> reporter: we have very slow traffic northwest side of the beltway. and in fact, the west side let's look at 695 at liberty road. this is a little bit of an improvement. ut the outer loop has been stopped at points. couple accidents to tell you about. 95 southbound past 24 emmerton road on the right shoulder. 97 northbound at new cut road is on the left shoulder. here's the local news with megan pringle.
7:28 am
>> thanks. good morning to all of you. take a look at your screen because this morning police are look for a man they describe as arm and dangerous. the suspect in baltimore city wanted for robbing cash years at 7-eleven and royal farm stores at gunpoint etch waits in the parking lot for customers to leave the store and then he goes in with a gun and takes money from the cash register. again, police say the suspect is considered armed and dangerous and they would like to hear from you if you know who he is or anything about him. call 911. and it's 7:28. we are out of time now back to new york for "good morning america" another update in a bit.
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7:30 am
news this morning about one mom right there really acting out after her kid did not make the team. police calling foul on her bringing criminal charges. so what would you do if your son or daughter didn't make the cut? we'll look at the parents who are behaving badly. i am so thankful the parents that went to my game didn't act like that. they did get on the refs, mom especially. just a little bit. >> my parents were very po plight. i was never in danger of winning a championship, of course. >> and there you have it. there's the >> there was no danger of me planning my own wedding but a lot of grooms -- i was hands off
7:31 am
on that but a lot of grooms are taking it over. right now so many husbands-to-be saying it's the man's role to plan out all the details of the bride's big day. we'll get into the groomzillas coming up. >> you have been on fire lately. right to the latest on the casey anthony trial. the judge ended court early. no defense witnesses even made it to the stand and the jury never even entered the courtroom. but there were still a lot of fireworks. ashleigh banfield was there for them all and is in orlando again for us this morning. do tell, ash. do tell. >> reporter: in orlando, again, it's like groundhog day although yesterday very different. court ended just after two hours and this is not a good start to the week. it appears that maybe the players inside that courtroom did not learn their lesson from a bruising weekend of admonitions and threats from this judge. >> enough is enough. >> reporter: it was over in a flash but felt like thunder in
7:32 am
the courtroom. casey anthony's judge is getting angrier by the minute with the attorneys on both sides of this case. >> there is a friction between attorneys. >> reporter: the friction is over fair warnings that both sides have to give each other when their experts appear. each side is accusing the other of cheating. >> this is i believe another violation of the court's order. >> it's not bad enough they wants to omit these responsibilities in the efforts of taking a human life. he wants to go after her lawyer too. >> reporter: the fighting derailed nearly a full day of trial with the judge threatening to report both lawyers to the florida bar. the spectators have come in droves, no longer camping overnight due to new rules. they now line up in near 100-degree heat for a chance to see it all firsthand. this one came from missouri. what are you expecting in there. >> i hope some good testimony. something juicy but i don't
7:33 am
know. worth the trip. worth the trip. >> reporter: and judge belvin perry doesn't disappoint with his stern rebuke be forewarned. >> reporter: reminding the feuding lawyers of just what and who is at stake here. >> that jury has been sitting back there for more than 25 minutes. >> he really is concerned that the jurors are accommodated and he's doing everything he can to make sure that the trial moves along. >> reporter: so to keep things on track he cracks the whip and threatens attorneys with longer days if they cause delays. >> if y'all don't want to act professional then i will work you real full days. >> reporter: of which there have been 34 so far. and now it's 35 and he means business, robin. he actually is extending the saturday from a half day to a full day. he's ordered those lawyers to get into court every day now at 8:30 instead of 9:00 and he's also told us we'll probably be
7:34 am
working every day till 5:30 now. >> hope you packed an extra bag. >> reporter: my voter registration here. >> that's true, ash. thanks so much. let's go to bring in our legal analyst dan abrams in. the judge is doing all he can. seems like he's really fed up at this point. anyone in particular to blame? is it the prosecution, are they delaying things? is the defense not prepared. >> it seems the judge is blaming the defense a bit more than the prosecutors. remember, in the defense's case now and there are rules in place in a courtroom where you have to give the other side notice of what an expert is going to testify to. why? so that the other side can prepare its cross-examination, so that they can get ready to potentially rebut what an expert might say and so what prosecutors said initially was, wait a second, you've got some experts testifying about things we never heard about before. we need time to figure out what that person's going to say in an effort to allow you to prepare. >> the judge is very careful in
7:35 am
what he says and how he rules and there's a particular reason why he's doing that. >> well, he wants to protect this trial so that on appeal no one says the judge got it wrong. remember, when people appeal a verdict, they're not appealing the jury's rules, they're appealing the judge's rulings. the legal rulings and so the judge wants to be very careful because here you see prosecutors in essence saying we want sanctions. we want to you punish them and the defense saying same thing about the prosecution. well, punishing them is one thing, meaning you want to take them up with the bar association, you want to even fine them if they do something really egregious, but the danger is, taking it out on someone's client, well then that comes up on appeal and an appellate court may say, wait a second, this person didn't get a fair trial. >> then we start the process all over again. and he pointed out the jury. they have been sequestered. >> that's exactly right.
7:36 am
that's exactly right. what does that mean? that means that they can't watch certain news programs. they can't hang out with their families. their phone calls -- i mean everything is very, very monitored and they respect allowed to lead their lives so these jurors want to get out of there. the notion that they've now spent a full day sort of hanging out, this isn't fun for them. >> did they blame the defense yesterday. >> that's yet. because we're in the defense's case there is a danger that these jurors could end up saying, what's going on here? why isn't the defense moving forward? so it is a risk for the defense but i think that the judge will be very careful to say to them, look, we've been dealing with issues back there. i'm sorry, both sides are sorry, we're ready to move forward. >> we're going to ask you again and again. we already have. does casey take the stand? >> i don't think so. >> so on june 21st you're saying no. >> i'm saying i don't think casey anthony will take the stand when we have more time, we can talk about all the various reasons why i don't think -- >> you're sticking to that.
7:37 am
you've been consistent. dan, thanks so much. tomorrow a special one-hour edition of "nightline." in-depth look at the casey anthony trial sure to be fascinating. it is 7:37 coming up on and another check of the weather with sam. >> good morning. and dallas got an early morning wake-up call with powerful thunderstorms that moved through that area this morning. the hope is that will cool down dallas a little bit from all of the heat that's been in texas and, indeed, 93 degrees today. just a step cooler. what happens with the heat it gets shoved into both corners of the map so it gets pushed to the southwest and more to the southeast, as well. raleigh, 99. a record during the day. atlanta, tallahassee, in the 90s, as well. orlando and miami, here's what happens in the west. these numbers do get warmer, sacramento going above 100 for the next couple of day, l.a. gets warm, as well. phoenix, you've got some heat advisories. for the
7:38 am
>> and more big storms in the middle of the country today. all that weather was brought to you by roundup. robin? >> coming up, the baseball mom way out of bounds. the threats that landed her in all kinds of trouble with the police. we'll talk bit next. you sprayed them. thought they were dead. [ laughter ] [ grunting ] huh? [ male announcer ] should've used roundup. america's number one weed killer. it kills weeds to the root, so they don't come back. guaranteed. weeds won't play dead, they'll stay dead. roundup. no root. no weed. no problem. weeds won't play dead, they'll stay dead. lose those lines for up to a year! juvéderm® xc is the gel filler your doctor uses to instantly smooth out
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here's a story that's had us shaking our heads all morning. a long island mom she was so upset, went after the coach and principal and walk add way in handcuffs. sharyn alfonsi is looking at this. >> might be just a game but try telling that to the parents. suburban little league mom was so upset her son was rejected from ray team she sent threatening letters to the coach, even the school principal. janet chiauzzi is a suburban mother of two, a regular at the little league field and now in a mess of trouble. >> it's disturbing when you see children getting caught in the cross fire between this jilted mother, a teen mom and a coach. >> reporter: little league officials say her son didn't have what it takes to make a traveling team. upset, police say she sent a half dozen threatening letters to league officials, a coach, even one coach's 11-year-old son. >> i am permanently making it my
7:43 am
goal to make sure you and your family suffer dearly. >> reporter: chiauzzi isn't the only parent whose temper got the best of them. remember thomas junta, the hockey dad who killed another parent. >> you never stopped between any of those punch, did you, mr mrmr. ju mr. junta, to see whether that was enough. >> it took about two seconds to throw three punches. that was it. >> reporter: and this one, kicked another because he was rooti ining for the opposing te. >> the cops are on the way. >> reporter: not all that rare. >> hey, hey, hey. >> reporter: think wang da holloway, the texas so-called cheerleader man supposedly hired a hit man to murder someone. she would be so devastated she wouldn't try out and her daughter would get a spot on the
7:44 am
squad then this man offered someone money to injure an autistic player. everyone had to play three innings and downs didn't want to use the autistic player. and he served jail time and has been barred from coaching in that town forever. he is expected to be back in court on wednesday. she's not commented on the case and told her husband didn't know anything about any of these letters. >> i hope not. i don't know what she can say. tell us what you think. do parents get too worked up? vote now using the "gma" app on your iphone or android or on our website, bristol palin has a new book out. she is telling all. on every purchase, e miles so me and my lads earned a trip to san francisco twice as fast! we get double miles every time we use our card... i'll take these two... matter what we're buying. ...and all of those. and since double miles add up fast,
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7:48 am
hot off the presses bris tall palin about to cause another stir. a new memoir telling about her mom's campaign, what it's like to be a single teen parent, also
7:49 am
real blow-by-blow account with her baby's father levi johnston. john berman has the story. ♪ >> reporter: she was all smiles and hugs as she secured a shocking third place finish on "dancing with the stars." but bristol palin says there were disturbing tensions behind the scenes. i noticed some the contestants rommed their eyes when they realized we'd survived to dance another day, she says. and some of the contestants voted off literally would not speak to us or acknowledge our presence. the 20-year-old palin says she received similar treatment from meghan mccain, the first time before john mccain introduced palin as his running mate. she ignored us during the entire visit, claims palin, who says she had a sneaky suspicion that i might need to watch my back. it adds for cindy mccain, she looks like a queen and holes herself like royalty. i'd never seen people with so much louis vuitton luggage, so many cell phones and so many
7:50 am
constant helpers to do hair and makeup. and bristol says she was shocked when cindy offered to be godmother to her unborn baby. i had just met her and i wondered why she wanted any type of guardianship over my child. but the most biting words in the book are reserved for the father of her baby, levi john stons. at first she says i found him exciting, for the first time they slept together she was drunk. i didn't know girlie flavored wine coolers were just as likely to get you drunk as the hard stuff but she paints johnston as a brute. when he found out she was pregnant, she says his response, better be a boy and when tripoli was born doctors tried to hand levi the scissors to cut the cord but he backed away. he said it was too gross an odd statement since he's been able to field dress a moose with one arm tied behind his back. the book is dedicated to all you underdogs and bristol says her relationship with levi caused public embarrassment on an
7:51 am
international scale and many sleepless nights but says she learned a lot and has moved on. >> you've had a chance to read a majority of the book. >> a lot of interesting details in there. you learn a lot about bristol, how she grew up and what she thinks of life now. >> now levi has a book coming out. >> of course, he does. >> of course, he does. bristol will be with us monday here an "gma." coming up today, here come the groomzillas. find out why more and more grooms-to-be are catching wedding planning fever, yeah. cleaning away those summer stains brought to you by all laundry detergent. how can you fight back against grass and ice cream stains before they trike? try treating them with something you probably already have in your home? what is it, get the answer at new all free clear oxi-active. a free clear detergent that's tough on stains and gentle on skin. try new all free clear oxi-active.
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♪ now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. 7:56. 7 57b k4-7 temperatures in the upper 70 -- 60s. rain returning into the area. cloudy morning and it will be a wet morning for the rest of the commute as many of us will deal with the batch of rain toward southeast. and that will be an issue thatwe will deal with during morning. could last for an hour or two depending on locations and sprinkles and lighter rains to the south heavier rains passing around the north of the beltway and once we get beyond that we should have a warm humid day with breaks sun. we will da with a cluster of thunder and lightning
7:57 am
temperatures jumping to 83 by lunchtime. 88 the afternoon two degree guaranteed where there's going to be scattered showers and storms redeveloping but as we roll on in through tonight, we could have another round of storms after midnight. and then we will push low 90s with more storms tomorrow. tonya how about the traffic? >> stop and go track from reisterstown to frederick road. leave extra time there. also slowing down on the jfx. let's look at the oncoming traffic southbound traffic to the left of the screen. northbound has a little volume. but not as much a few incidents to tell you about going on out there. 95 southbound past route 24 emmerton and harford county it was on on the right shoulder and should be cleaned up involving a motorcycle. 97 northbound at new cut road in anne arundel county leftshoulder is in the rapup stages. wilkins at beachfield we have an accident in the cleanup stages and washington at sulfur spring road that was a motorcycle accident earlier that did have injuries.
7:58 am
that's being cleaned up as well. it's going to be slow 95 to # 95 split. so be careful out there. now back to new york and good morning america. [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee.
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8:00 am
first day of summer and our crowd is so happy outside times square that summer is here. >> it's a perfect day. bridesill las, get ready to meet your match. they're calling the shots, lara, on everything, the word on the street. >> in their defense -- >> funny george would mention this. >> some are paying the bill so we don't have a say on what my wife wears? that picture was coming up.
8:01 am
>> right. >> i'm pulling back. i'm pulling way back. >> let's get to the brand-new feature hot news heat index. >> rolls right off the tongue. juicy some including the may/december romance. he's 51. she's 16. i'll have the details coming up in today's pop news heat index? she's 16? >> yeah. >> put that real back. >> 51 and 16. >> she looks older than 16. >> she looks very sophisticated. >> start to roll the next video right now because i want charlie and daisy, my dogs to take a look at the -- i didn't want them to look at dan harris. dressing up as a bear. these bear dogs, just scaring bears away all over -- there they are, there's the fierce ones, afraid of nothing, not even dan harris in a bear suit. first, josh, bring us some real news. >> i for one am terrified of dan
8:02 am
harris in the bear suit. that's another segment. we're going to begin with dramatic video more tornadoes slamming the midwest, 43 in all across 5 states. this one roaring across train tracks in nebraska derailing more than a dozen cars. no one was hurt. storms interrupting the college world series in omaha and overturned tractor trailers in kansas. now from storms to wildfires. nearly two dozen are burning across texas during a record drought. dozens of homes have been destroyed in arizona, meanwhile, improving conditions today could help crews battling three major fires there and in florida, two firefighters have died fighting a blaze in the northern part of the state. some breaking news overseas. scotland yard has arrested the suspected mastermind of a group of global computer hackers. the 19-year-old has been linked to hackers who recently broke into the cia and senate websites. and a new report at the u.n. finds the health of our oceans is declining much faster than
8:03 am
predicted even a few years ago. scientists say pollution and overfishing could lead to the mass extinction of several species within a generation. and we're learning more this morning about the accident that killed reality tv star ryan dunn. friends say they believe ryan was drinking claiming the star had upwards of six alcoholic beverages before getting behind the wheel. >> me and the boys are about to do duck huptsding. >> reporter: he built a career performing stunts like this. and this. >> you'd be surprised how hot, fuel of fumes and uncomfortable a jet engine is when it's flying if your face. >> reporter: dunn and a friend perished in what is being called a high-speed car crash, his porsche 911 seen here on tmz that was able to hit speeds of up to 190 miles per hour. police in west goshen township say they found it off the road
8:04 am
in the woods fully engulfed in flames. hours before the accident, dunn had posted this picture to his twitter account where he is seen drinking with friends. >> our understanding they were at a bar in west chester and left there. we don't have timing down as far as from there to there. >> reporter: his stuntman family took to twitter to remember his many friend. johnny joksville said, rest in peace, ryan, i miss you. >> steve o says i don't know what to say except i love ryan dunn and i'm really going to miss him. >> bam says -- >> the sweetest, kindest, nicest person. >> just terrible. dunn had a new stunt show in the works and had shot eight episodes of that new series. now here's our diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> hello to you, josh. so there's a prominent scientist saying there is no link between sugary sodas and obesity but
8:05 am
what if he is taking money from the sodamakers? what if he's not the only one? an investigation and it's coming up onle "world news" tonight. >> i will be watching. a look at the headlines. >> wait. there's more. >> yes. >> the new segment. what's new and what's hot. lara tracking all the buzziest entertainment news and trends. big board, lara. >> hello. i like that. was that my new theme song. it is top for the pop news heat index, what's cool, hot now and what's next and we kick it off with weird al jankovic and his insanely fun take on lady gaga turned "born this way" into perform this way and looks like he's on the right track down to his meat dress. we think that is, yes, sizzling hot. yes, sound effects so enjoy the show. our next story, this one has a
8:06 am
lot of people talking, is this may/december romance insane, outrageous or both? 51 yshgd doug hutchison from the tv show "lost" or "the green mile" making it legally marrying 16-year-old courtney and, yes, her mom approves. hutchinson says true love can be ageless. some say it can also be a little creepy and on that note we are going to put the pedal to the metal and move on to our next story. and then there were three. "the wall street journal" says the folks at "live" are this close to deciding who will inspire kelly ripa and fill the big shoes of regis philbin once he retires in november. will it be kelly's handsome husband mark or the outrageous andy cohen from bravo or ryan seacrest. a great idea if he can find the time. he has 14 other jobs. we want to just add a little
8:07 am
applause and say three cheers for three great choices. and finally, this is my favorite story. the outrageous product flying off the shelves in europe at least. it's the hoffsicle. he is so cool he's been immortalized in a rasp per by smoothie icicle pop. complete with chest hair and pop collar and if you look closely i believe you can see the outline of a gold chain. don't hassle the hoff. looking for his an throwpomorphic popsickle. he's hottest in germany and that's where you can buy them for now. ladies and gentlemen, that is it for our "pop news heat index." robin, george and josh, back to you. >> you are working hard over there. man. >> juggling plates. >> strawberry flavored -- >> raspberry, josh.
8:08 am
>> i stand corrected. if only for all you great folks in germany. what do you do with that? >> what do you do if the girls come home with a little hasselhoff? >> that is -- sam. >> popsicles for everybody. good morning, gang. we're live in times square. let's get to the boards as you step out on this first day of summer. tomorrow you can celebrate the first full day of summer. we'll show you where the storms are popping. basically this slow-moving logos right through the middle of the country. a lot of places that saw storms yesterday will see them again today. the most likely spot will be in northern illinois during the day today. so keep an eye out for that. west coast, nice and warm, portland, 83 but it has been as we've been saying miserably cool, vegas, 101. i think palm spring also go to about 107 so the heat is on in the southwest as it stays on in the southeast.
8:09 am
>> it's looking pretty good here in times square, lara. >> thank you, sam. here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma" morning menu. a groom with a view. groomzillas proving that wedding planning isn't just for bri bridezillas anymore. plus the face of fearlessness. say that three types fast. dan harris takes on the bear dogs and happy birthday prince william. we'll tell you how the future king is celebrating the big 2-9. all that and more on "gma."
8:10 am
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if you sleep in your contact lenses. lucky for you, air optix brand has a lens approved for up to 30 days and nights of continuous wear. [ male announcer ] that's why they're recommended most for people who sleep in their lenses. visit for a free one-month trial offer. no doubt you're familiar with bridezillas, now there's a new minimum of the wedding party, the groomzilla. as men are getting more involved, some are bringing their strong opinions with them and our andrea can something here with more on this growing trend, isn't it? >> wedding planners telling me this is really exploding in the past couple of years. men getting involved in the nuptials. while it's not considered the most macho thing, more and more men are getting involved and their brides who have business a lives are welcoming the help.
8:15 am
>> wedding crunch time. we need to get really serious here. >> okay, not now. i just got an e-mail from our contractor. he's pushed the move-in date yet again. >> reporter: it was once like pulling teeth to get a groom-to-be to be part of the wedding planning. >> oh, my god. >> enough, enough, enough. heard this story 10,000 times. >> reporter: but today even with the mighty bride seemingly taking over every little detail as seen on the hit show "bridezillas." >> oh, my god! aaagh! >> reporter: finding her territory invaded by the groomzilla. >> traditionally you would meet with the bride, perhaps her mom and start on that. >> reporter: can you quantify how many more grooms you're seeing now than, say, two years ago even? >> now 75% of my brides bring
8:16 am
their fiance along. >> reporter: but why the sudden uptick? partially because more grooms these days are paying for the wing and simply want more input. for some experts suspect it's men embracing their feminine side and for others -- >> maybe a cascading one on the head table. what do you think? >> no on the cascadincascading. >> no. okay. >> reporter: it's simply all about having that control. >> no. the only thing i don't have a voice in right now is the gown. brid bridesmaid dresses, yes, shoes, yes. as far as the menu, yes, photographer, yes, flowers, yes. deejay, yes, rehearsal dinner, yes, bachelor and bachelorette party, yes and the honeymoon, yes. >> reporter: jonathan and nicole's wedding is just months away and he's taking care of the majority of the wedding preparations. but nicole is not surprised his zilla tendency surfaced early
8:17 am
on. >> i realized it before we got engaged. he was looking at wedding ven news and sending me e-mails what do you think of this one? >> reporter: she's not complaining. with a full time job she says the extra help takes off some of the pressure. even if it means suffering through some of those over-the-top moment. >> there are times that it is embarrassing to be with him. he can be loud and say this is too expensive. we're leaving. i can't believe he would charge this for this. i'm sitting over here going, okay. >> reporter: while being involved in the floral arrangements may not seem too out there wedding planners say they've gotten some extravagant male requests from a flaming red lamborghini to replace the limousine and mariachi bands. >> every wedding needs a man's touch. >> reporter: this couple got married with half of the weight on him. do real men plan weddings.
8:18 am
>> the man is not afraid of cooking, washing the dishes, helping his wife and it just takes both. >> reporter: what do you think of the term that's out there, groomzilla? >> i think it has grown to have a negative connotation because of what we've seen on "bridezillas" and more couples should be planning this event together. >> reporter: and he was there doing the labor from the florals, he is a floral designer, after all, to the seating, to the cake, groomzilla or not, that extra hand can make august the difference. and there are some simple things men can do to put their own stamp on the day. they hike to be involved in the food and wine tasting. you can take things you like to do with your friends and incorporate it like the scotch tasting or the sigcigar. >> did tony participate? >> he a free pass. he was in the military. he had to be involved in the
8:19 am
registry which he hated so much and i won't name the department store but every time we walk by he breaks into a cold sweat. >> thank you. outside to george. >> i totally get where he's coming from. now, get ready to meet some very brave dogs. out of the northwest in places like seattle where huge bears are wandering into backyards these specially trained shepherds are scaring them off and keeping neighborhoods safe so dan harris took on a very special undercover assignment to learn more about them. >> reporter: this is the furry face of fearlessness. care carellian bear dogs trained to take on bears five times their size. >> he'll go right at the bear, see what the bear's response is. if the bear holds his ground you'll see a pretty impressive show. >> reporter: check out what happened when they find the scent of a bear. >> get that bear.
8:20 am
>> reporter: there it is. >> there's that bear. >> reporter: you could see the dog right on the bear. there was a huge outline of a bear and three shadows of dogs on its tail. look right there. you can see we have the briefest of shot s of the bear on the ru. we'll tell you how it ends. >> breaking news, a bear hunt in kitsap. >> reporter: these dogs are now helping the people of suburban seattle deal with a growing problem, bears on the loose. >> this black bear that was on the run was about 200 pounds. >> reporter: wildlife officials use them to chase them into a tree so they can be tranquilized. >> finally dropped out of the branches. >> reporter: once the bear is in captivity, wildlife officials then release the animal back into the wild using the dogs, once again to scare it more and firing beanbags at the animal so he knows never to come back at people once again. no fun for the bear, it is
8:21 am
definitely in their best interest because before this bears were not set free, they were put down. we don't want to kill bear anymore. >> reporter: wildlife officials are using the dogs to teach communities how to be bear smart by not leaving out the garbage, for example. of course, when you're teaching bear safety you need somebody to play the bear. >> like that. >> reporter: i don't feel like a bear right now but now i do. >> reporter: i was told to try my best to be a convincing bear. they don't usually do high-fives. who's got doughnut asks where are they. >> please don't film this. this is -- you're probably one of the worst bears i've ever had. >> reporter: they put me in a bear trap and when they let me out, hey. >> kids and the dogs got to scare me so i wouldn't come back. that was awesome. oh, this is the best assignment i've had a long time. these dogs may be fierce but very friendly with people and they have created deep bonds
8:22 am
with their human handlers. although as we learned they don't make ideal pets because they feed to run up to ten miles a day where they go a little crazy. you cannot have a dog like this in an apartment in manhattan. >> no, it would probably chew through the wall and end up outside. so -- >> reporter: really. you said earlier he actually chewed a bumper off of one of your cars? >> pretty much, yes. >> where is that bear? >> reporter: back to the chase scene we showed you. after about 30 minutes, the dogs just could not get the bear to scramble up a tree so he got away. he's really panting. that was a hard run. colter may not have caught his prey this time but it's a safe bet that that bear will not want to come back near people ever again. he's saying, boss, i am done. for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, outside seattle. >> a convincing bear, dan harris, but now we're hear with mara, a part of the team and
8:23 am
renee van camp, his trainer and i know she can be fierce but she's so sweet. >> she is sweet. she's trained to be a wildlife service dog and take them all over the world. we've been doing it for 15 years and have a flawless history, only ones who use these bear dogs to push and save wildlife rather than hunt them and do 800 actions a year and we've never had a dog hurt. never had an aggressive look from a bear. these boys in washington that you just saw are from our home team in montana. that's where it all starts at our institute in montana. >> and mara's dag is out saving grizzly bears in canada. >> mara's dag, who is 14, his name is yoki is in canada with three other teammates pushing grizzlies off roadsides. >> sam wants to take mara home. she has to run ten miles a day. >> i'm just worry the dog thinks
8:24 am
i'm a grizzly. >> thanks so much for bringing mara in. >> i think we all want to wish happy birthday to prince william. the future king turns 29 today. but celebration also have to wait. the duke of cambridge, pretty day planned. he will be at work and bianna golodryga joins us now with the details so no big royal occasion. >> do you blame him? they're all pared out after this year. william is on the job today. but a normal working day for him is at the controls of a royal air force rescue chopper so it's still exciting. after his most recent milestone, his wedding, he play be looking for something more low key. it hasn't exactly been a low-key year for the heir to the british throne. his wedding to catherine middleton was watched by billions around the globe but his 29th birthday will be celebrated quietly out of the media spotlight on not on his actual birthday. he will be aboard a sea king
8:25 am
chopper today and may be pulling a 24-hour shift. >> william's got to work on his birthday, spend the day waiting for an emergency call in search and rescue unit. >> william's mother always tried to give him the simple pleasures of youth. >> william's birthdays were much like any other child. she gave him a birthday party with his classmates. >> reporter: while diana tried to shield her sons she also knew it was inevitable. >> they set up various photo calls, the first one when william was 1 in kensington palace. a famous picture of him looking into a tv camera. so they kind of protected him from from a very early day so, yes, he was in the media glare constantly but there are numerous photographs of when he was in his very young days scowling at photographers. >> reporter: but william and kate only have smiles as they appear to be making all the
8:26 am
right moves putting a new shine on the monarchy. first up a trip to canning da and los angeles. today there are reports kate may attend the wimbledon championships as diana famously did. >> diana loved going to wimbledon. the federers have invited kate and her sister pippa to wimbledon. it's possible being william's birthday she might decide pr-wise it's not a great move as he's working on a search and rescue unit she's eating strawberries and cream. >> reporter: they will be moving to ken sington palace where kate is already decorating with cushions and her famous scented candles. >> reporter: when diana was that age born with two young boys. >> thank you, bianna. a real treat. we get to try deep fried coolyi kool-a kool-aid. yeah, you heard me.
8:27 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. 8:27. we are watching towson getting wet. 68 degrees. only looks like 4/100 of an inch rain. clouds are dark and we check out most powerful doppler radar and moderate rains down # # 40 on top of the city-- 140 on top of the site. picks up around perry hall. white marsh and heading up 95 even over towards middle river. and westminster getting decent rains as we are seeing the conveyor belt from carroll through baltimore county and on the edge in howard county and anne arundel many scattered showers or the band of rain for a couple hours. warm humid 88 with late day storms. here tonya with traffic. >> reporter: we do have a few incidents to tell you about.
8:28 am
we have a few accidents. we are doing okay on the beltway. actually improving. let's look at yfx at northern parkway. we have the heavier traffic with southbound to the right of your screen but no incidents in your way. taking a look at our map in harford county poe has can i eastbound is closed at tree top drive also pulaski at mountain road an accident with injuries there. 95 southbound before the toll plaza you have delays due to an accident. here's charley. >> thanks a who. if you are in the business for new groceries here's a deal for you. you want to add super fresh. by july all 22 stores will be shut their doors. so they have the produce all marked down some as much as 50% off. they filed bankruptcy and closing will affect 1500 jobs here in the state. a new place for you to grab a meal. freshy is opening up in baltimore. it's at 3,000 block of st. paul street. we are told you will find great things on the menu custom build
8:29 am
salad wraps rice bowls and soup. and now back to more of "good morning america."
8:30 am
everything can be deep fried. but kool-aid. kool-aid? >> there's going to be. >> great. >> yes, good stuff. >> i have to see this to believe it. >> want to try it? >> i'm going to fry it. >> yes. >> you can look at it from the theme that anything fried is
8:31 am
great or step back and say that's too weird. >> how do you actually gather it and fry it. >> they mix wit a special concoction and deep fry it. >> trend is what you say on twitter. >> deep fried kool-aid. a trend. >> the whole half hour. >> maybe the psyching twins can predict whether we'll like it. now, these twins have made some pretty uncanny predictions and they're going to make some more this morning including a few questions that everyone wants to know. what do you want to know? >> we have one over there. >> and a man back here. >> hole on one sec. hold on. i predict that sam will now give us good weather. thank you. >> ah. >> you're good. >> not only was it a good prediction but perfect television weaving. one or two things we want to tell you about.
8:32 am
is there heat? big heat in the deep south. that will fuel thunderstorms during the day today, as well. our twitter pictures are showing you all different kinds of weather. how do beat the heat in cocoa beach and flooding in iowa. right as you look into nebraska on 680, the road carrying water. thank you for your facebook pictures. send more to sam champion. memphis to chicago, st. louis involved, as well. i the lightning that will catch you, there is a possibility for one or two tornados in northern illinois. as we look at the board, the flyby, why, because we can and josh is hiding behind the monitor. you know, first of all, first of all, part of the thing that makes this job difficult is like josh standing back there at the monitor that i use for weather making faces at me the entire time. i love you. that's the w
8:33 am
>> good people in times square. we thank you very much for being with us this morning. we will go back upstairs to george. oh shg oh, george. getting liposuction is so common that it's hard to believe there's danger in. it's normally low risk but things can still go wrong. matt gutman has a closer look at whether getting the procedure may have cost one woman her life. >> reporter: it's a mainstay of tv, on "the real housewives of new jersey." >> i'm here for -- i want to get boobies. >> reporter: and we're bombarded with these ads. >> you can get a tummy tuck. >> reporter: promising beauty for little money and almost no pain but it's gone wrong for so many. this woman ended up unable to close her eyes ever. kathy griffin was rushed to the
8:34 am
emergency room room where in 2007 kanye west's mother died. maria paid the ultimate price for beauty. >> i'm wondering if you can tell me what have you lost? >> for me right now i lost everything because she was everything for me. >> reporter: vania's mom died after a liposculpting session. she worked seven days a week to pay for the $3,600 procedure, one that was supposed to be routine. >> what we do know is a million-year-old otherwise healthy woman shouldn't go in for a minor cosmetic procedure and die. >> reporter: 22 insignificants we hear. >> that's what we've been told, 22 incisions approximately. which is a significant amount in terms of a relatively, otherwise relatively minor cosmetic procedure. >> reporter: now there is a pending homicide investigation but the attorney for the alyne
8:35 am
center is conducting an investigation. records show only 1 in 50,000 died as a result of plastic surgery procedures between 2001 and 2006, a tiny fraction. the most common surgeries are breast augmentation, nose reshaping, eyelid surgery, liposuction and tummy tucks. when patients get both liposuction and tummy tucks their chances of dying soar by 16. what would you say two weeks ago. >> don't do it and you look fine. if possible i would hold her. never let her go. >> reporter: for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, westin, florida. >> and when we come back, the psychic twins take a look into >> and when we come back, the psychic twins take a look into your future and robin's past.
8:36 am
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8:38 am
this is the special. the identical twins are so close they say they are one soul in two bodies. they don't just share a soul, they also share, well, a unique
8:39 am
talent. they are psychics. here's juju chang with more on this incredible story. >> reporter: growing up in the small country town of west chester, pennsylvania, they always felt they were different. they didn't consider it a gift. >> we had our own twin language when we were about 3. >> oh, yeah. >> and we just, you know, kind of connected telepathically. >> reporter: they say they grew up seeing spirit being and experienced vivid identical nightmares. >> everything was identical. if i had a pain in my right ankle, she would would. >> reporter: simultaneously. >> oh, all the time. >> reporter: and yet terry and linda don't just read each other's minds, they claim they can see into the future. and for that, they offered us proof. >> we are seeing various terrorist attacks on federal governments. >> reporter: this is ha they forecasted on national radio nearly two years before the twin towers fell.
8:40 am
>> and also the new york trade center, the world trade center. >> reporter: the sisters claim to have spirit guides who direct them in an other worldly process. they call automatic writing. they say the spirit guides help them predict two stock market crashes, both the election and re-election of president bush but while some of their predictions have been tough to independently confirm this one was documented on television when they branched out as psychic detectives. >> there's no dead body here. >> i don't sense death here. >> reporter: in 2005 when olivia newton-john's boyfriend went missing they made this prediction. >> he went south. we feel that he may be even as far as the mexico area. >> reporter: then nearly four years later they were proven right. >> patrick mcdermott has contacted investigators and he says i'm alive and i'm well and i'm hiding in mexico. >> i'm channeling out the ke skeptics saying if you can
8:41 am
foresee the future why are you not billionaires? >> we were taught that if you do it to become wealthy, you know, that you would lose the gift. >> use it for other people to help others. that's why we do it. >> that is why they do it. terry and linda jamison have written a book called "psychic intelligence" so, don't tell me, linda? >> right. >> terry. >> right. >> i through that. s that awe how i knew i were going to say that. you say we all have a little bit. >> terry and i spent 20 years proving it but we also tell people in our new bike "psychic intelligence" that you can learn how to be intuitive and psychic too using the four -- >> how do you develop that. >> the four clairs are clair vowance which is clear sight, clair audience which is clear
8:42 am
hearing, clear sentience. your clear gut feeling. >> and clear cognizance. >> it's clear knowing or clear thought. >> now, being twins, you've always heard from twins saying that they had this special bond, this special connection. does it heighten this or is this something totally separate? do you think if you were not twins -- >> it made us stronger for this. >> good question. twin tuition is a special connection that twins have, the act to read each other's mind, finish each other's sentences. >> oh, come on, that was easy. i knew that was coming to say it like that. >> you know, even in juju's piece, there are people -- even our camera guy, what was he doing, "the twilight zone." >> music. >> you were laughing. >> people are just like, huh-uh, they're just not going to buy it. what do you say to them? >> this is the psychic twin zone. this ain't "the twilight zone."
8:43 am
we're not here to prove to skeptics we can do this. we've already proven ourselves. we're just here to help people. that's why we do it. >> and we tell skeptics, look, you get to be right, there's no magic in the world. good luck with that. >> when you say help people, how do you want to help them? >> that's a good question. we work as healers and we encourage people, i think when we work as intuitive counselors really and sort of like, you know, psychic means soul doctor. >> yeah. >> soul doctor. >> a new kind of intelligence that's needed now because the world is in such distress. >> tell me about that. >> we feel that's psychic intelligence. >> let's have fun with it, too. because our crew, fabulous crew, they have some questions and they want to see what you think will happen and we'll perhaps document it. >> okay. >> first really appealing -- when will will and kate have a baby? >> oh, my gosh. >> you read our minds. >> that was the first thing we were going to talk about it.
8:44 am
>> they're going to have a baby. there's a pregnancy coming within a year. >> we see them having at least two children. >> we predicted their only breakup and marriage on tv. >> you've been right on the money with this. >> brad and angelyne that, will they get married? >> you know, we're not feeling a strong sense they'll marry. george clooney will not marry. there's been many rumors about that. >> there again, he did so -- >> you have said that. on a more serious note and one we've been talking about, just about every morning, will casey anthony take the stand in her murder trial? >> wow, there's a good question. i'm not sure about that, but we do feel she's guilty and she will get life. i don't think she'll get death. >> i don't either. i think it would be wrong for her to take the stand even though they're saying that's the only thing that will save her. >> probably be crazy to -- >> we're not seeing it. what about you, what do you
8:45 am
think? >> maybe a hail mary at the end. who knows. all right. so george set this up. i told george i wasn't going to do this but i will. you said you could tell me what my past life -- >> yes, absolutely. >> you had hundreds of past lives. >> you're an old soul, my dear. we're such fans of you, by the way. >> thank you. >> actually, you have a past life in spain, you were in a war in spain, you died. >> you were a barrier. >> you were a warrior in that life and you also have an indian guide that is a cherokee female. do you have any cherokee or indian -- >> yes, yes. >> grandmother's side. >> yes. >> okay, that's what's coming in and -- see, psychic. and -- >> i feel as a survivor i'm a warrior again. >> you are. >> we're cancer survivors as well so bless you and you are an inspiration to so many in this time. >> i knew you were going to say that. i'm psychic. thank you very much. >> we so appreciate it.
8:46 am
>> absolute delight. >> am i going to eat deep fried kool-aid coming up next. >> i hope not. >> we'll see. >> oh, no.
8:47 am
8:48 am
good morning, america. the crowd has gathered. it's a beautiful sunny day and i know you all are very excited. everybody is down here to, you know, help their caloric intake, the whole cholesterol with a special treat that we like to call the fried kool-aid bar.
8:49 am
it has been making the rounds at country fairs all over the u.s. and, well, i'm just going to let neal karlinsky explain it then we'll taste it. check it out. >> reporter: let's face it when you think of a county fair it's the food that comes to mind first. food on a stick, fried food, lots of food. but just when they stomach ache-inducing fried twinkies induce you into believing you have seen it all, a guy by of name of chicken charlie ups the ante and comes up with fried kool-aid. >> i knew it would be a big seller but i wasn't expecting all this. i use a cherry kool-aid. >> reporter: the exact recipe is a closely guarded second but he says it includes flower and kool-aid with water then deep fries. >> deep fried kool-aid, voila. >> reporter: don't know why the idea of this turned into an
8:50 am
unnetty-looking doughnut is a good idea but it's catching on. >> oh, my. >> reporter: in his opening weekend chicken charlie went through 150 pounds of kool-aid powder. >> anything with a good batter and good powder sugar on top will taste delicious. >> reporter: we held our own taste test and the reviews weren't bad. >> it tastes like a doughnut. >> i think the fried cool raid is the best. >> really good. >> it tastes like a deepfried pancake. >> reporter: chicken charlie likes to fry. his menu includes everything from fried oreos to avocados to a sandwich stuffed inside a krispy kreme doughnut. deep fried pepsi captured in this youtube clip started showing up in fairs years ago. ♪ kool-aid kool-aid the very
8:51 am
best drink you ever made ♪ ♪ kool-aid cool nad be sure the elf says -- >> reporter: hard to imagine it will replace the kind that comes in a glass any time soon but it is more proof to anyone who has ever visited a county fair, if you can fry it, people will eat it. >> i will fry anything. i fried a gentleman's shoe before and a customer took a bite of it and she loved it. >> reporter: "good morning america," neal karlinsky. >> look at robin. >> do it, do it, do it. i love the pack mentality. yeah, well -- >> tastes like kool-aid. tastes like kool-aid. >> what do you think? everybody? >> yeah. >> sweet. >> just say no right now. >> washing it down with kool-aid? >> delicious. >> everybody wants it. >> delicious. >> juicy, sweet cherry cookie. >> it tastes really like a doughnut with a tangy --
8:52 am
what's the kool-aid says, it punches. doing only cherry but groove if i grape another flavor. >> did you like it? >> you like it? does everybody like them? pass them around, please pass them around. >> pass around the cherry. >> did you like it? >> i thought it was okay. >> chicken charlie is the same man who deep fried the klondike bar up in san diego state fair and we'll eat and we'll be right back.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
okay, we had our question of the day. do parents take it too far when they're supporting their kids' team? not even close today, 92% said yes. 8% said no. the parents who saw the woman
8:56 am
walk away in handcuffs. thanks for watching. >> diane sawyer coming up on "world news." enjoy the first day of summer. now maryland's most powerful to lar radar and the fore-- doppler radar and the forecast certified most
8:57 am
accurate by weatherate. temperatures upper 60s where it's been raining. easton 74 annapolis 72. 69 cockeysville and laurel and 68 back towards westminster. that's where we have had the band of rain come through. i noticed it looks more impressive and it's reaching the ground but a steady rainfall here in and around baltimore beltway. make the roads damp and fresh drink for the lawns after another round earlier on this morning. basically we are watching this pushing towards rock hall and chestertown. you are getting a taste of this on the eastern shore and it will last a total of 1 to 2 hours. look at the back edge passing through westminster manchester hampstead about to wind down. reisterstown you've few moreminutes of rain and towson we should be done by 9:15 to 9:30. the deal we have ourselves a warm front back to the west. and while we had the ribbon of rain and clearing skies to the west it will bubble up with more showers and storms and we will watch the storms erupt during afternoon and evening. our future radar indicates a better chance up towards sen
8:58 am
tra. p -- central p.a. but another wave of moisture and energy. tonight annapolis through easton and cambridge. good chance of getting clpped by those. and we will watch -- clipped by those. and tomorrow afternoon andevening a wider complex of storms storms bad news for thousands of concert goers to see u2 we will watch this because we could get heavy rain tomorrow morning. and we may miss out on the bulk of the heat wave but we will be in the mix of showers and storms and it will be warm and humid. 88 today. we will get sunshine to break out after the rain comes to an end with afternoon evening thunderstorms back down -- storms showers overnight and a peek heading in through tomorrow. near 906789 low 90s thursday and friday with more storms. we are back with "good morning maryland" at nine. see you then. i'd like one of those desserts and some coffee. sure. cake or pie? pie. apple or cherry? cherry. oil or cream? oil or cream? cream!
8:59 am
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